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GPF Guided Street Life

Outreach Program

Guided Street Life is the outreach program affiliated with Guided Path Foundation.

Our goal is to provide effective outreach to those living in unsheltered locations that may not otherwise seek assistance. We are here to ensure their basic needs are met while providing support along the pathways to housing stability.

 All services provided by Guided Street Life are at no cost but contingent on eligibility.

Listed below are the services provided:

· State Identification

· Food stamps (new enrollment or renewal)

· Health Insurance

· Clothing needs

· Nutritional needs

· Bus Pass Card

· Vital records required for housing program consideration

· Assess possible housing programs and assist on the path to improve living conditions and end homelessness.

· Mental health referrals

· Substance abuse referrals

· Personalized and confidential case management

Guided Street Life is ready to help you take the steps needed to improve your living situation. We will explore all available options with you and guide you along the way. We bring the services to you and we do so with compassion and confidentiality, we are on your side.

Guided Street Life is available for law enforcement or any agency needing assistance reaching clients out on the field.